Charles Austen

A range of vacuum and pressure pumps for a wide variety of applications



For over 50 years, Charles Austen Pumps has worked hard to earn the trust and respect of pump buyers within various industries across the world. The Charles Austen range is very wide and suits many different applications, VPNZ carry limited stock but are able to source most pumps or parts within a few weeks

As a leading manufacturer of vacuum pumps and compressors for use with air, gas and liquids, not only does Charles Austen offer off the shelf units, but also adaptations of standard oem products. The Charles Austen Pumps research and development team is based in-house and is able to design new pumps from concept to production. Charles Austen Pumps is passionate about meeting customers’ needs and always welcomes the opportunity to discuss new applications.

Stocking an extensive range of laboratory pumps from simple air pumps for filtration applications through to ATEX approved chemically resistant pumps for use in potentially explosive environments, the laboratory pumps range is backed by expert technical help and support to ensure you get the best from your pump.

Installed in waste water treatment and sewage aeration applications, the Charles Austen Pumps range of linear pumps runs to the highest standards in performance and reliability, whether at the first stage of treatment or removing the waste water after treatment.

Charles Austen Pumps also stocks a wide range of water and air pumps, ideal for use in both aquatic and hydroponic applications. The range is suitable for those with a single tank or home growing system up to aeration for large koi ponds and fish breeders. Continuous investment is put in to ensuring an up to date product range; this, combined with in house knowledge, means Charles Austen is always on hand to ensure you own and use the most appropriate products.

Finally, the BlueDiamond range of condensate pumps which has been designed for use in air conditioning and refrigeration applications has been designed, developed and manufactured within the Charles Austen factory. With the BlueDiamond patented pumping principal, all pumps and accessories are designed with the installer and end user in mind.