ORB 82-7.5-3 7.5kw 3ph 520m3/h +400 -400mbar 2.5″

ORB 82-7.5-3 ,Olympias 2stage blower, 7.5kw – 3ph, 520m3/h, +400 -400mbar, 2.5″ports.



ORB 82-7.5-3 ,Olympias 2stage blower, 7.5kw – 3ph, 520m3/h, +400 -400mbar, 2.5″ports.
Side Channel Blowers are ideal for moving large volumes of air as a compressor or vacuum pump. When operating conditions fall within a side channel blowers range they can be one of the most cost effective method of moving air.
Side channel blowers can operate continuously at their stated performance curve. Among the other major benefits of a side channel blower is its lack of maintenance requirements, they are oil-less and will not contaminate the application with oil or carbon dust. These blowers have a non pulsating flow and a low level of noise. A side channel blower is also often known as a regenerative blower or an exhauster. We offer a 2 year warrantee (conditions apply).
If you can’t find the size you require please contact us for more information. Accessories such as relief valves, filters and silencers are also available.


  • Aeration – Sewage treatment, Fish ponds
  • Dental vacuum
  • Air knife
  • Filling bags and bottles
  • Lifting and holding parts
  • Pneumatic conveying
  • Soil treatment
  • Packaging and printing machines

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  • Model: ORB 82-7.5-3
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