Air Tools

Whatever business you are in, we’ve got you covered. We have thousands of air tools available to tackle the toughest jobs. Built tough and engineered to last, our air tools are ideal for professionals and weekend warriors who need an air tool they can rely on.

Our comprehensive range of air tools are sourced from Ingersoll Rand, and are backed by extensive warranty support programs, hands-on technical advice and industry expertise.

Any manufacturer can provide equipment or aftermarket accessories that people need in order to be productive on the job. At Ingersoll Rand, we believe productivity goes beyond product. That’s why we take a 360-degree, total solutions approach to everything we do and provide. To help you understand this total solutions approach, imagine a particular tool or its application as being like the hub, or center, of a wheel. Just as the spokes on that wheel support everything and keep things moving along smoothly, our total solutions approach enhances productivity by providing critical support and solutions when and where they’re needed.

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