Air Treatment

Air quality can have a significant impact on compressed air systems. Properly treated compressed air will improve productivity, system efficiency and product or process quality. Choosing the right equipment to support you is very important. Dirt, moisture and oil are everywhere. But they shouldn’t be in your compressed air supply. That’s why VPNZ take air quality seriously with a wide selection of air treatment products and application knowledge to protect your investment and compressed air systems.

For over 20 years Vacuum Pumps NZ Ltd (VPNZ ± Air) has been the leading Vacuum pump, Compressor, and low pressure air pump supplier to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Originally set up on the 28 Aug 1998, the company specialised in industrial truck and high vacuum. However, in 2007 the Directors Valerie and David Walls bought the business and remains family owned.
The team below are the backbone of the company who cater for your needs when required or much like your WOF or Dentist, we remind you to advise your equipment is due for service.

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