Olympias Side Channel Blower

Olympias 1 stage and Olympias 3 stage Blowers

Side Channel Blowers are ideal for moving large volumes of air as a compressor or vacuum pump. When operating conditions fall within a side channel blowers range, they are the most cost effective method of moving air.
Olympias Blowers can operate continuously at their stated performance curve. Among the other major benefits of a side channel blower, is its lack of maintenance requirements. They are oil-less and will not contaminate the application with oil or carbon dust. These blowers have a non pulsating flow and a low level of noise. A side channel blower is also often known as a regenerative blower or an exhauster.

We offer a 2 year warranty (conditions apply).
If you can’t find the size you require please contact us for more information. Accessories such as relief valves, gauges, galvanized elbows bends, filters and silencers are also available.

ModelPhaseMotor kWCapacity m³/hrVacuum mbarPressure mbarPort – Inch
One Phase Blowers
ORB 01-0.12-11-ph0.1255-6060G 1″
ORB 11-0.25-11-ph0.2570-100100G 1″
ORB 21-0.37-11-ph0.480-110110G1 1/4″
ORB 32-1.1-11-ph1.1120-240280G1 1/4″
ORB 41-0.8-11-ph0.8145-150160G1 1/2″
ORB 41-1.1-11-ph1.1145-150190G1 1/2″
ORB 42-1.5-11-ph1.5150-280290G1 1/2″
ORB 51-1.1-11-ph1.1210-160160G 2″
ORB 51-1.5-11-ph1.5210G 2″
ORB 71-2.2-11-ph2.2318-190190G 2″
ORB4 32-1.5-11-ph1.565-400550G1 1/4″
ORB4 41-1.1-11-ph1.187-300380G1 1/2″
Three Phase Blowers
ORB 21-0.4-33-ph0.480-120130G1 1/4″
ORB 22-0.7-33-ph0.786-210240G1 1/4″
ORB 32-1.3-33-ph1.3120-280290G1 1/4″
ORB 41-0.85-33-ph0.85145-160160G1 1/2″
ORB 41-1.3-33-ph1.3145-170200G1 1/2″
ORB 42-2.2-33-ph2.2150-330440G1 1/2″
ORB 51-1.6-33-ph1.6210-200190G 2″
ORB 51-2.2-33-ph2.2210-220270G 2″
ORB 52-3-33-ph3230-340410G 2″
ORB 52-4-33-ph4230-390440G 2″
ORB 61-3-33-ph3280-280280G 2″
ORB 71-3-33-ph3318-270290G 2″
ORB 72-4.3-33-ph4.3320-360380G 2″
ORB 72-5.5-33-ph5.5320-440500G 2″
ORB 73-4-33-ph4415-260310G 2″
ORB 81-5.5-33-ph5.5530-300300G2 1/2″
ORB 81-7.5-33-ph7.5530-320430G2 1/2″
ORB 82-7.5-33-ph7.5520-400400G2 1/2″
ORB 84-11-33-ph11900-280370G2 1/2″
ORB 84-7.5-33-ph11900-280370G2 1/2″
ORB 91-12.5-33-ph12.51050-280270G 4″
ORB 91-18.5-33-ph181050-340460G 4″
ORB 92-16.5-33-ph16.51110-420370G 4″
ORB4 32-1.5-33-ph1.565-440540G1 1/4″
ORB4 42-3.3-33-ph3.387-500750G1 1/2″
ORB4 52-2.2-33-ph2.2120-470460G1 1/4″
ORB4 61-2.2-33-ph2.2165-340360G1 1/4″


Low maintenance

In many application they are “fit and forget”. No gears, belts or sliding blades to require periodic maintenance.

Value for Money

Offering excellent quality, long life at a very competitive price

Low noise and vibration

Dynamic balancing minimizes vibration and ports with integrated mufflers reduce noise.

Dust-proofed shaft seal

Protects bearing from contaminated air stream and possible foreign particle damage.

High reliability

Directly connected motor shaft-impeller provides reliable, long term performance. No gears, belts, motor brushes or sliding blades to require periodic maintenance.

Oil Free

No oil contamination and reduced maintenance.


Advanced design results in substantial airflows at moderate pressures in minimum space and weight.


Easily throttled and changed from pressure to suction operation. May be mounted in a variety of orientations.

Stable airflow

Centrifugal compressor design delivers smooth, stable airflow with no pulsations.

High-pressure airflow

Produces continuous high-pressure airflow. The Olympias pump is ideally suited to many industrial applications.

Olympias Pumps are ideal for a variety of industries:

  • Food processing
  • Water aeration
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial Vacuum cleaners
  • Auto hopper loader systems
  • Pneumatic Lifting
  • Fish farming
  • Dental Vacuums
  • Printing and Paper
  • Waste water (sewage) treatment
  • Cement Manufacture

Olympias Side Channel Blower / Vacuums are available in many different specifications to suit a wide variety of applications:

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