Roots Blowers

Sucker truck application

VPNZ ± Air are the proud agents for Howden Blowers. VPNZ recently acquired the Roots blower division of Dresser Roots. Howden have an extensive range of blowers available, all of which are great heavy duty quality. Additionally, VPNZ can supply them at a cost effective price. We have a wealth of experience in supplying new blowers, servicing existing installations and repairing all brands of blower.

Roots blowers (otherwise known as lobe or supercharger blowers) are ideal for supplying large quantities of low pressure air. Alternatively, they can offer a great alternative for vacuum applications. Howden Roots blowers are extremely robust and ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. Such as: water treatment, pneumatic conveying / transferring products (grain, powder, granules, liquids), aeration (oxygenation), sucker trucks (vacuum trucks), furnaces, pumping gas, etc.

Some of the brands that we are able to service include: Howden, Dresser Roots, Hibon, Busch, Sutorbilt, NVE, Jurop, Longtech, Hadron, Aerzen, Robuschi, Hicks Hargreaves, Nucon.

For more information contact VPNZ ± Air on 0800 822 767

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