Howden 45 URAI M

Pressure package includes, blower, 3ph motor, basic belt guard, suction silencer, relief valve, gauge, check valve, discharge silencer and flexible joint.



The Howden range of Roots™ Universal RAI rotary positive displacement blowers are heavy duty and reliable. The models are manufactured from cast iron casing, carburized and ground alloy spur timing gears secured to a steel shaft with taper mounting and lock-nut. The impellers are cast iron involute. Oversize anti friction bearings are used to ensure long life and the drive end bearing is a cylindrical roller bearing to withstand high V belt loading’s. The gears are lubricated by oil splash lubrication, with sight glasses for easy level confirmation. The blower can be mounted for horizontal or vertical operation simply by moving the feet, oil fill and drain. VPNZ also have basic or full blower packages available. Basic packages can be built with table, motor, muffler, silencer intake filter and or non-return valves to meet your system requirements, full packages include acoustic enclosures.

Howden 45 URAI M  Max Volume 410cfm Max Pressure 10psi Max Vacuum 16″Hg

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