Liquid Ring

VPNZ are proud distributors for Pompetravaini liquid ring vacuum pumps. Made in Italy Pompetravaini lead the market with advances in design and efficiency. Liquid Ring (or water ring or water sealed) vacuum pumps and compressors work in some of the most challenging environments with minimal maintenance. The advantage of liquid ring pumps is that they are very tolerant of water and contaminants entering the pump, they do however require some expertise to set them up. VPNZ ± Air are experts at servicing and repairing all liquid ring pumps. Our engineers are expert at repairing even extensive damage caused by corrosion, cavitation and loose impellers. We offer an extensive range of liquid ring pumps, including plastic pumps for areas subject to corrosion, small motor mounted, large bare shaft, stainless steel options and large industrial pumps ideal for centralised, energy efficient, vacuum. Liquid Ring pumps are frequently used in the following industries: timber treatment, food production, medical, sucker trucks, priming, industrial vacuum and much more. Some of the pumps that we service and repair include:
Pompetravaini, Finder, Robuschi, Nash, Siemens, Elmo, Sihi, Speck, Busch etc

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