Galvanized Steel Pipe and Fittings



1. Low Initial Cost

The galvanization process usually costs less than other popular methods of protecting steel. This is because the other methods are often labor intensive, and the cost of labor is always increasing. Galvanization requires less manual labor, and therefore has not been been affected by this increase.

2. Long Life

The main benefit of galvanized steel is its long life. Galvanized steel pipe, fittings and other structures can last more than 50 years in many rural areas, and more than 25 years in severely exposed urban and coastal environments.

3. Toughness

The unique metallurgical composition of a galvanized coating makes it very rugged. Therefore, galvanized products will resist damage during transport, assembly and service.

4. Low Maintenance Costs

Because of its ruggedness and long life, less effort is needed to maintain galvanized steel. This is especially beneficial when you have structures in remote locations that would be expensive to reach and service.